Thursday, October 18, 2012

Here are more pages done recently.  some old photos some newer.  hope you enjoy these ideas.  please comment it does my heart good.

 here's hannah loving to cook.  these brownies were eaten before the photo of the finished goodies was taken. gotta be quick around these kids.

 This was at Old Sandwich on July 1, 2011, during their father's birthday party.  all adults so the girls decided to find fairies and build a nest for them.
 hannah went to old sandwich with dad so he could practice on the putting green and driving range.  She kept things in order by collecting balls and raking sand.
 here's sami at the kingsley montessori end of year picnic in boston.
 so sami turned 5, and the school does a birthday walk for each child.  it's a wonderful ceremony and gives a special meaning to a birthday and another year of growth, physically and emotionally.
sami passing to level 3 while still 4 years old was a big accomplishment.  the instructors at boston charles river aquatics think she may be the first ever at that age.  such a fish.

as you can tell i love to use my cricut on all of my pages.  I am a cartridge junkie.  i used to do svg's but when provo craft updated the cricut to not accept them, i just stick with cartridges.

Here's Alex in 2005.  I am always catching up because I don't scrapbook my photos in order.  I am a mood scrapper and Easter hasn't hit me in awhile.  I am still behind on Christmases but anyway I did do easter 2005 recently.  just think, had I done this in 2005 give or take, it wouldn't have been using the ideas I incorporated here.  learned a lot since then.

Two Parties one in the morning and the friends' in the afternoon.