Friday, February 22, 2008

The Gym

Well, I am finally going to a gym after all these years.  I have a trainer and I had 3 sessions with him (George) and I have a program to follow which consists of stretching, warm up with tread mill, those tough weight machines, even tougher dumb bell stuff, then the treadmill again with a small incline and a speed of 3 mph for 1.5 miles.  Takes me 31 minutes.  Then the treat of the fabulous ladies locker room, showers, steam, sauna, hot tub and all the classes I want.  So far I have gone twice and did the full session which was yesterday and today.  Pain.  I haven't yet used the locker room amenities because the workout alone takes me 1.25 hours and I have been going late in the afternoon so it's almost 6 when I leave.  Need to change the schedule.  Tomorrow it's only the cardio (treadmill).   So that's it.  I am up late because I fell asleep earlier this evening due to the strenuous activity.  I am happy to have started this program.  Missy and Erik gave the gym to me for a Christmas present.  

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