Saturday, October 25, 2008

BOO Letters for Jessica's challenge

Here are my letters to hang during this short season.  The name will come later.  Deanna


LivE said...

WOW Deanna! Way to go! I totally wanted to do the challenge, but with 3 sick kiddos, there just was absolutely no chance for me! So glad to see your wall-art up!

Mamawheelie said...

Love them! :D I think I'm going to use your idea of hanging them for the "DO" I created a few months ago. I've been wondering how I'll display them, and since we don't have a ton of wall space, I think this will work nicely. I'll have to get on that once my scrappy mojo comes back. Great job!

Leo Kowal said...

This is awesome! I painted one of these once, but yours is WAY cooler!