Saturday, April 19, 2014

Keep meaning to blog but keep forgetting.

I have been so busy since the fall of 2013 and finally will have some time to myself for a few weeks in Glorious Sarasota, Florida.  We spent Thanksgiving at home, then Christmas in Fort Lauderdale with my son Chris Kuroda of Phish and Justin Beiber lighting fame, and his family.  It was interesting to be in very warm weather at Christmas.  Inside the house, Chris had the same lighting decorations, giant tree and all the trimmings anyone could think of, but when we went outside to the pool, even with christmas lights there, it was a shock.  I don't know if I could get used to it but it was fun.  Then for New Year's it was Boston, with my daughter Melissa and her family.  After that we were home for a bit, but made many return trips to Boston for Babysitting weekends and other activities. I don't mind Boston, my wish is to move there if I am ever able to.  Then spring break took us to Sarasota for 6days, Fort Lauderdale, for another 4 days and Miami Beach for the rest of the time.  It was hectic but fun.  Luckily we had decent weather.  Now I have been home for 2 weeks and am leaving Saturday for Sarasota and will hopefully do tons of scrapbooking, swimming, exercising, and socializing.  Can't wait.  The scrapbook pages that follow are ones I did in January and April at 2 weekend crops I attended with my friends, Kristin Haas, Alex Dadio, Laura B, and Barbara Berk.  Hope you like them.  I am always catching up and do not scrapbook chronologically, I scrap by mood.  That's it for now.

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